Understanding the true performance / durability (etch, scratch, heat, burn, stain-resistance) and maintenance needs of any material with the thoughtful consideration to all factors: color, pattern, finish, frequency and intensity of use will help build a space that suits your lifestyle

it is possible to install any type of countertop material in any room of your home, but natural and engineered stone countertops will provide superior performance in nearly every type of installation.

All Lithium's granite, marble and quartz products come with a 15 year manufactures warranty.

  • Granite

    A natural stone or igneous rock formed by the solidification of magma, cut directly from the earth, polished and sold...

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  • Quartz

    Crystalline mineral deposit taken from the earth, engineered and processed with different components which change the look and color of the formed stone ...

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  • Designer Stone Panels

    DesignerStone Panels are the first innovation in stone in over a decade.. Using new patented equipment, DesignerStone Panels are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone...

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